FARMWELL consists of seven Work Packages (WPs). Four of these cover the most important work strands of the project:
Multi-actor exchanges

(Work Package 1)

Engaging farmers and other relevant stakeholders from all over Europe at all stages of the project.

Mapping the national landscape

(Work Package 2)

Identify the most important social challenges that farmers and farming families are facing.

Social innovation practices

(Work Package 3)

Identify and make accessible innovative solutions (social innovations) to address challenges

Cost-benefit analysis

(Work Package 4)

Assessing the (social) benefits of solutions using the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology

Further three FARMWELL work packages cover cross-cutting aspects, such as ‘Dissemination, communication & long-term sustainability’ (WP5), Management and Coordination (WP6) and Ethics Requirement (WP7).