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Village e-box

A group of farmers and small food producers has been formed, so that more people have access to quality food and processors can increase their income.
Country: Poland
Challenge addressed: Poor cooperation/ social capital; low/insufficient farm income

Tuscany Kociewska

PTuscany Kociewska
Country: Poland
Challenge addressed: Providing jobs for disabled people and for unemployed, knowledge sharing with social economy entities and local government institutions

Independently (not oneself)

Supporting people with disabilities in Tuchola county
Country: Poland
Challenge addressed: Low/insufficient access to care/social services; poor cooperation/ social capital

Home hospice

A new model of a home hospice in rural areas - The partnership program "To Give What Is Really Needed"
Country: Poland
Challenge addressed: low/ insufficient access to health care services; poor cooperation/ social capital

Care in the barnyard

Ccare farms in Kujawsko-Pomorskie region, providing day care for the elderly and disabled.
Country: Poland
Challenge addressed: Low/insufficient access to care/social services


Working with elderly people using economic, landscape, environmental and cultural resources of rural areas and a farm.
Country: Poland
Challenge addressed: Lack of care and relevant care services for elderly people living in rural areas


Encouraging young farmers to run organic and traditional farming methods and to sell their products directly to the consumers.
Country: Poland
Challenge addressed: Young people instead of staying in the countryside and taking over family farms more and more often are deciding to migrate to the cities or abroad
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