Social Innovations Database

X-Farm Agricoltura Prossima

Xfarm is transforming the 50 hectares into an agricultural, ecological and social enterprise capable of generating employment, community well-being and ecosystem improvement
Country: Italy
Challenge addressed: Creating an ecological farm able to feed the planet, creating job opportunities also to promote social integration, improving the community wellbeing and the ecosystem

Women in Olive Oil Greece

An informal group of women working on voluntarily basis in the framework of social economy within the wider global WIOO network.
Country: Greece
Challenge addressed: Women in rural areas and in agrofood industry are still being treated as an invisible force

Wellbeing action plan

Improving wellbeing of individual Flemish farmers
Country: Belgium
Challenge addressed: Low levels of wellbeing among Flemish farmers

Village e-box

A group of farmers and small food producers has been formed, so that more people have access to quality food and processors can increase their income.
Country: Poland
Challenge addressed: Poor cooperation/ social capital; low/insufficient farm income

Tzoumakers Open Lab

Tzoumakers is an open lab for communities to design and manufacture tools for small-scale agricultural production.
Country: Greece
Challenge addressed: The social challenge is the democratization of the digital commons and manufacturing technologies.

Tuscany Kociewska

PTuscany Kociewska
Country: Poland
Challenge addressed: Providing jobs for disabled people and for unemployed, knowledge sharing with social economy entities and local government institutions

Szimpla Farmers’s Market

The Szimpal Farmers' Market provides a special environment, mood, community and cultural experience in Budapest
Country: Hungary
Challenge addressed: Isolation of farmers, lack of awareness on healthy local products

Sustainable landscape in Transylvanian Highlands

Promoting the concept of Eco-Tourism in the second biggest area with Nature 2000 sites in Romania
Country: Romania
Challenge addressed: Low household income and out-migration, rural identity

SolBun Cooperative

Aggregating small and local producers' products for jointly accessing the market and connect with consumers.
Country: Romania
Challenge addressed: Low household income and out-migration, rural identity, access to market

Social Farming in Hungary

Employing persons with reduced capacity to work on a social farm
Country: Hungary
Challenge addressed: Mental unwell of the farmers (e.g. stress) and lack of trust

Safe Farm EIP Project

The Safe Farm EIP used theatre as a vehicle to help promote cultural change within the farming community.
Country: Ireland
Challenge addressed: The Irish agricultural sector accounts for 42% of all workplace fatalities, despite only representing 6% of the entire workforce.

Rural Adventure

The aim of the program is to introduce the everyday life of farmers and farming families, the agricultural production
Country: Hungary
Challenge addressed: The main challenge is to reduce the gap between urban population and rural farmers to improve the perception of farming as a way of life.

Proud Life

Incubator of sheep farmers in Western Macedonia-Greece
Country: Greece
Challenge addressed: administrative burden of farmers to find farm workers, and the ethical working conditions for farm workers, raising public awareness on the multiple roles of the farmer

Plan(t)Troost – Plan(t) Comfort

PlantTroost gives everyone the opportunity to find and offer comfort together.
Country: Belgium
Challenge addressed: Mental wellbeing

Operational Group – Mental wellbeing starts at school

Development of course material about mental health literacy for agricultural higher education institutions.
Country: Belgium
Challenge addressed: Mental wellbeing
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