Social Innovations Database

Tzoumakers Open Lab

Tzoumakers is an open lab for communities to design and manufacture tools for small-scale agricultural production.
Country: Greece
Challenge addressed: The social challenge is the democratization of the digital commons and manufacturing technologies.

Szimpla Farmers’s Market

The Szimpal Farmers' Market provides a special environment, mood, community and cultural experience in Budapest
Country: Hungary
Challenge addressed: Distance of rural farmers/producers and urban consumers; isolation of farmers Lack of knowledge and awareness related to healthy local products

Sustainable landscape in Transylvanian Highlands

Promoting the concept of Eco-Tourism in the second biggest area with Nature 2000 sites in Romania
Country: Romania
Challenge addressed: Low household income and out-migration, rural identity

SolBun Cooperative

Aggregating small and local producers' products for jointly accessing the market and connect with consumers.
Country: Romania
Challenge addressed: Low household income and out-migration, rural identity, access to market

Rural Adventure

The aim of the program is to introduce the everyday life of farmers and farming families, the agricultural production
Country: Hungary
Challenge addressed: The main challenge is to reduce the gap between urban population and rural farmers to improve the perception of farming as a way of life.

Operational Group – Mental wellbeing starts at school

Development of course material about mental health literacy for agricultural higher education institutions.
Country: Belgium
Challenge addressed: Mental wellbeing

Open Farm

Agri-food promotes sustainable agritourism, local products and typical local agri-food products.
Country: Greece
Challenge addressed: The social challenge of better living conditions for the farm family (address low wages and volatile markets) but also attract young people to the farm.

Mental Health Literacy for Farm Gatekeepers

Providinfg training to farm gatekeepers in order to detect certain problems in an early stage.
Country: Belgium
Challenge addressed: Challenging the barriers to aid the farmers face

Learning networks

Learning networks have the objective of peer to peer learning among professional or other networks.
Country: Belgium
Challenge addressed: Many farmers are facing problems to cope with the challenges they are being confronted with.


KISLÉPTÉK (National Association of Interest Representations for Small-scale producers and service providers)
Country: Hungary
Challenge addressed: lack of legal knowledge stress due to legal obligations and administrative burdens low level of advocacy ability market vulnerability

Increase the local governance and women engagement

Dealul Târnavelor LAG represents a successful public-private partnership for 8 communities in Mureș and Sibiu counties.
Country: Romania
Challenge addressed: Low household income and out-migration, rural identity

Extra Energy for the Farmers / Support the Farmers

Helping farmers under severe economic or mental pressure, to get their situation under control
Country: Finland
Challenge addressed: Farmers in Finland face challenges such as economic difficulties, workload, extreme weather, crises in their private life.


EduBuzz brings support to the children in farming communities to prevent them dropping school.
Country: Romania
Challenge addressed: Access to education in farming (rural) communities, vocational training, access to a better future for kids in farming communities (marginalized areas too)

DJP Foundation

The DPJ Foundation aims to support those in the agricultural sector suffering from poor mental health.
Country: Wales
Challenge addressed: Poor mental health and high suicide rates in Agriculture in the whole of Wales with all areas of support.

Compentency scanner

Questionnaire about 11 competencies, which have been shown to have a positive influence on your entrepreneurial skills.
Country: Belgium
Challenge addressed: Questions regarding continuation of the farm, transfer from parents to children
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