Stakeholder engagement

Poland is one of the pilot countries of the FARMWELL project. The core partners in Poland are:


Kujawsko-Pomorski Agricultural Advisory Centre – Farmwell’s Farming Partner


Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development, Polish Academy of Sciences- Farmwell’s Research Partner

The 1st Practice Group meeting that focused on discussion about social challenges of farmers – took place through a hybrid session on the 1 July 2021 with the participation of 19 stakeholders, including:
• individual farmers,
• non-farmers representatives such as farming organisations, local and regional public authorities, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, health care institutions, Agricultural Social Insurance Fund, and the research institutions.
Social challenges of farmers identified in Poland are presented in the mapping report:
Poland Mapping Report
European Synthesis Report
The main challenges identified for Poland include:
• Spatiotemporal accessibility of health and social services,
• The internet and digitization,
• Generational renewal, and
• Social capital/cooperation.