Stakeholder engagement

Hungary is one of the pilot countries of the FARMWELL project. The core partners in Hungary are:


Hungarian Social Farm Society – Farmwell’s Farming Partner


Institute of Agricultural Economics
Farmwell’s Research Partner

The 1st Practice Group meeting that focused on discussion about social challenges of farmers – took place through one online session on the 22 June 2021 with the participation of 14 stakeholders, including:
• farmer’s representatives
• and non-farmer representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Human Resources, farming advisory service for agricultural workers, farming organisation with a special interest on small-scale product manufacturer and short supply chain, and a unique stakeholder is the Eco-psychological Institute
Social challenges of farmers identified in Hungary are presented in the mapping report
Hungary Mapping Report
European Synthesis Report
The main challenges that the FARMWELL project will focus on in Hungary include:
• health
• mental well-being
• trust