Safe Farm EIP Project

The Safe Farm EIP used theatre as a vehicle to help promote cultural change within the farming community.
Country: Ireland
Challenge addressed: The Irish agricultural sector accounts for 42% of all workplace fatalities, despite only representing 6% of the entire workforce.

FORUM Connemara Farm Health and Safety Initiative

improving both the physical and mental health of the farmers and their family members in the Connemara area
Country: Ireland
Challenge addressed: Accidents and fatalities on farms are a continuing cause of concern for the farming community in Ireland. Many farmers in this area live isolated from medical help

Embrace FARM Encircle Programme

a comprehensive approach to addressing the critical need for support for families affected by sudden deaths and injuries on the family farm
Country: Ireland
Challenge addressed: The driving force behind the Embrace FARM Encircle Programme is to support the families impacted by all types of serious and sudden traumas on farms in Ireland.

Proud Life

Incubator of sheep farmers in Western Macedonia-Greece
Country: Greece
Challenge addressed: administrative burden of farmers to find farm workers, and the ethical working conditions for farm workers, raising public awareness on the multiple roles of the farmer

Centre for Social Inclusion

Establishment and equipping the Center for Social inclusion in the territory of Napoca Porolissum LAG
Country: Romania
Challenge addressed: Access to education in farming (rural) communities, vocational training, access to a better future for kids in farming communities (marginalized areas too)

Independently (not oneself)

Supporting people with disabilities in Tuchola county
Country: Poland
Challenge addressed: Low/insufficient access to care/social services; poor cooperation/ social capital

Ghetto Out – Casa Sankara

Offering migrants who are victims of exploitation an alternative dwelling, basic personal services, administrative support and regular work opportunities.
Country: Italy
Challenge addressed: Exploitation of migrants in the agricultural sector

X-Farm Agricoltura Prossima

Xfarm is transforming the 50 hectares into an agricultural, ecological and social enterprise capable of generating employment, community well-being and ecosystem improvement
Country: Italy
Challenge addressed: Creating an ecological farm able to feed the planet, creating job opportunities also to promote social integration, improving the community wellbeing and the ecosystem

Humus Job

Humus Job is a social enterprise that aims to regularize work through sharing.
Country: Italy
Challenge addressed: Use and exploitation of irregular workers in the agricultural sector

Energy Cooperative WEnCoop

Developing women entrepreneurship, empowering farm women, women from rural areas and every woman wishes to participate, and of course to promote energy innovation and to address energy poverty.
Country: Greece
Challenge addressed: Farm (rural) Women’s Social identity, energy poverty, rural poverty