FARMWELL is a Horizon 2020 European Thematic Network that aims at improving the mental, physical and social wellbeing of farmers. Making social innovations more accessible to address common social challenges. The serious social challenges that farmers are facing – including (mental) health issues and depression, isolation, physical risks, stress caused by negative societal perceptions, challenges of farm succession, gender issues – call for new and innovative solutions (social innovations).


In the context of agriculture and farming, innovation is often associated with technological innovation. Furthermore, while social innovation is gaining increasing importance also in the farming context, social innovation in farming mostly focuses on how to address a wider societal problems, and is rarely offered as a solution to improve the wellbeing of farmers.


The main novelty of FARMWELL is that it aims to help realizing social innovations with a focus on farmers and their families in various national and local contexts.

The FARMWELL Partnership

FARMWELL is coordinated by E40 Group.

“E40’s core mission is to bring policies and research closer to stakeholders and practice. We see the FARMWELL Network as a perfect ground to work towards our mission. FARMWELL is about the wellbeing of farmers. Farming organisations are active partners in all target countries, and we aim to engage farmers at every stage of the project.”
FARMWELL directly works with farming and research organisations as partners in six countries.


FARMWELL is supported by two ‘horizontal’ partners: NewHeroes responsible for creating inspiring communication products and University of Gloucestershire supporting the assessment of social innovations through the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology.