X-Farm Agricoltura Prossima

Country: Italy

Wellbeing of Farmers:  Social Wellbeing

Key Challenges: Low farm income (market vulnerability), Legal employment/ fair working conditions, Access to land/ high land prices, External factors (whether, climate change, etc.), Pressure from society/negative perceptions

Key Target Groups: Young farmers, Female farmers, Farm Workers (laborers)

Farm Size: Small/Family

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Key contact: Marco Notarnicola

Email: info@xfarm.me

Organization: Social cooperative named Qualcosa di diverso

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XFARM Agricoltura prossima was born from the recovery of land confiscated from organized crime: 50 hectares in the countryside of San Vito dei Normanni in Contrada Montemadre and Contrada Paretone Piccolo on the Provincial Road to Latiano.
In 2015 the land was handed over to the Municipality of San Vito dei Normanni, which put it up for management in 2017, the year the company was born.
Xfarm is transforming the 50 hectares into an agricultural, ecological and social enterprise capable of generating employment, community well-being and ecosystem improvement, for example, through the hiring of migrant children.


Their objective is to transform land confiscated from the organized crime into an agro-ecological-social enterprise, capable of generating employment, community welfare and improving the ecosystem.


X-Farm Agricoltura Prossima is engaged in agricultural activities (mainly olive oil, wine, vegetables, forestry) managed according to the organic and regenerative system, and in under the concept of the Community Supported Agriculture, while promoting working and exchange relationships based on the protection of rights and transparency. They also organize social and cultural activities targeting local families.

Main Outcome of the activity

Their activities are improving the environmental conditions of the territory, regenerating the soil and increasing biodiversity; are promoting social and labour market integration; are providing technical training and scientific research, and accompany agricultural projects promoted by young people in our area; are creating a community where people can share ideas, thoughts, and knowledge.

Main Practical Recommendations

X-Farm Agricoltura Prossima is an ongoing project which is already providing benefits for the overall community created around it. They are currently employing 9 people with permanent contracts (2 designers, 1 tractor driver and 6 farm workers), and further 20 people are employed during the harvesting season. All coming from different countries and with very different background, including stories of social marginalization. Further, they involve a variable number of volonteers and activists. The social value of this SI relies on its capacity of creating a community with shared values as fairness, transparency, respect for the environment and for the humang being.

Key Stakeholders Involved

People from the rural community

Most Innovative Aspects of the Solution

New methods of thinking the farm as part of an ecosystem, which provides food products while feeding the land and gives people the opportunity to become part of a community