Increase the local governance and women engagement

Country: Romania

Wellbeing of Farmers:  Physical Wellbeing, Mental Wellbeing, Social Wellbeing

Key Challenges: Lack of basic services, Lack or difficulties in accessing health services, Low farm income (market vulnerability), Lack of appreciation/support for female farmers

Key Target Groups: Young farmers, Female farmers, Older farmers

Farm Size: Small/Family

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Key contact: Florentina Călugar


Organization: Dealul Târnavelor LAG

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Dealul Târnavelor LAG represents a successful public-private partnership for 8 communities in Mureș and Sibiu counties. The LAG encouraged the establishment of a Women’s Neighbourhood Association from Saschiz, an association that later contributed to the development of the territory through various initiatives.


Activate and galvanise the local governance in rural areas by better engagement of different social groups (women, young people)

  • developing local strategy for the rural communities (LAG territory)
  • facilitate the dialogue at community level and ensure representation of various groups
  • setting-up small association and active groups of young people (for developing new projects for the communities)
  • setting up and activate association of women at community level (for addressing medical services, cultural actions)
Main Outcome of the activity

a) local festival with a strong gastronomic focus that:

  1. contributes to enhancing local economy ,
  2. enhances the community engagement (especially women),
  3. raises money that are later used to give all inhabitants free, non-invasive blood test in order to detect any diseases

b) women engagement led to the development of a cooperative that during the pandemic applied for a project, through the LDS, aimed at creating a Food Basket to be home delivered.

In this way they succeeded to aggregate local producers and helped them:

  1. access market in an easier way,
  2. continue farming and remain economically active,
  3. improve their wellbeing
Main Practical Recommendations

Promoting and encouraging women’ involvement in the development of the community (local governance) turned out to be one of the most beneficial factors for the community. Women engaged young people and children in their activities which created the feeling of belonging and being useful for the community, leading to young people’s decision to remain in the village and having their needs and wishes heard.
Creating a meaningful and engaged partnership that seeks to identify and address local needs with the help of the farming communities involved. Based on those needs and the active resources that you have in the area you can define and design strategies or projects that will result in communities’ wellbeing.

Key Stakeholders Involved

Women’s Neighbourhood Association from Saschiz

farming communities

Most Innovative Aspects of the Solution

Encouraging local partnerships and innovative ideas coming from the community

Building on the needs and resources available