GBO - Geïntegreerd Breed Onthaal

Country: Belgium

Wellbeing of Farmers:  Physical Wellbeing, Mental Wellbeing, Social Wellbeing

Key Challenges: Lack of basic services, Lack or difficulties in accessing health services, Lack of specialist mental healthcare services, Low farm income (market vulnerability), Administrative burden, Legal employment/ fair working conditions, Lack of appreciation/support for female farmers, Pressure from society/negative perceptions

Key Target Groups: Young farmers, Female farmers, Older farmers, Farm Workers (laborers), Farmers facing financial difficulties

Farm Size: Small/Family, Medium, Large

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Key contact: Marie Peeters


Organization: GBO Noorderkempen

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GBO Noorderkempen of ILV Noorderkempen Werkt is a partnership between the OCMW’s of Arendonk, Baarle-Hertog, Merksplas, Hoogstraten, Rijkevorsel and Ravels, the CAW (centre for general welfare work) De Kempen and the DMW (social work services) of the health insurance funds.


Overcoming barriers to access aid by connecting farmers with the right aid channels


The GBO ensures that people reach the right help without detours. We want to avoid that people do not run from pillar to post and have to tell their story again and again. The GBO also wants to combat underprotection.

For this, every GBO in Flanders must choose an (underprotected) target group.

In GBO Noorderkempen, the target groups are farmers, horticulturists and seasonal workers.

Main Outcome of the activity

The main result of the activity of the GBO – Geïntegreerd Breed Onthaal has been the improved access to social services of the target group of farmers, horticulturists and seasonal workers.

Main Practical Recommendations

Access to + knowledge of social services has increased

Key Stakeholders Involved
  • Aid organisations
  • public administrations
  • farmer’s organisations
  • farmers

Most Innovative Aspects of the Solution

A partnership between aid organizations, specifically aimed at the target audience of farmers and horticulturists