Country: Romania

Wellbeing of Farmers:  Physical Wellbeing, Mental Wellbeing, Social Wellbeing

Key Challenges: Lack of basic services, Lack or difficulties in accessing health services, Lack of specialist mental healthcare services

Key Target Groups: Young farmers, kids from farming families

Farm Size: Small/Family

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Key contact: Adrian Secal


Organization: EduBuzz Association

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Early school dropping rates (27,1%) in rural areas in Romania impacts upon farmers communities though limited farm/business development due to the lack of knowledge and information.

EduBuzz is a social innovation that brings support to the children in farming communities to prevent them dropping school. Their main support consists in after-school program with educational and recreational activities too that fuel up the dreams that the kids have in relation to their future in the communities.

EduBuzz started from the Natalia and Adrian’s need to do something meaningful for the kids in Augustin and when they realized that the school is not giving them the space to use after school hours, they started to look for alternatives. This is how they got to buy a bus from Local Transport Agency of Brasov, in an auction, a bus that turned into the educational center for the children.


Provide educational support for the communities of farmers with school dropping issues


Provide after-school activities for children with missing parents (out-migration) from farming communities

Main Outcome of the activity

A significant number of children in the farming community in Augustin, Brasov have another chance at education though this project.

Now, EduBuzz project focuses on improving the understanding for subjects learned in school (Math, Physics etc.) but they wish to continue with activities relating to health eating, farming, and cooking classes and activities that will improve their social engagement.

Main Practical Recommendations

EduBuzz model has potential to be replicated in other farming communities on two different levels:

  1. supporting kids that are at risk of dropping school and
  2. teaching all kids in farming communities’ skills for their future (farming, cooking, healthy eating, environment protection and so on)

Key Stakeholders Involved

kids in farming communities

Most Innovative Aspects of the Solution

EduBuzz project has innovated at different levels:

  • creating a new ‘institution’ – after-school – in a bus that offers new perspectives for the kids in the community.
  • applying ‘Dream Management’ approach – helping kids visualize their future and make them realize that in order to achieve that future they need to follow an educational path.
  • applying the innovative method called STEAM education (STEAM education contributes to the improvement of students’ motivation and to the development of cognitive skills, as well as to the formation of the skills necessary to obtain and maintain a profession in the 21st century.)
  • encouraging other rural communities to think more about their future and start building it by investing in their children, giving more attention to their needs after school hours are over and investing in more practical knowledge education.